Commercial Support

In addition to the free support offered on the ERIKA web site, Evidence offers a comprehensive technical support for any issue regarding the usage of Erika Enterprise, RT-Druid, and Scicos-FLEX inside custom projects.

In particular, ERIKA Enterprise and the Scicos-FLEX code generator can be adapted to specific needs. We do support ERIKA for various architectures, and we develop applications over it. Those applications are not always visible in the web site, because the application part often covers important industrial information. In some cases, part of the work, which does not contain industrial secrets, goes back to the community. The S12XS porting (supported by Cobra Automotive Technologies) and PPC z7 porting (supported by Magneti Marelli) are examples.

Technical support includes (and it is not limited to)

  • porting ERIKA Enterprise to new microcontrollers;
  • definition of an embedded application architecture from functional to firmware level;
  • migration of existing OSEK/VDX applications to single and multicore architectures;
  • integrating of customer applications with Erika Enterprise;
  • integration of automatic code generation tools inside the application development flow;
  • identification of the timing bottlenecks of a real-time concurrent application based on Erika Enterprise;
  • development of simulation and control applications for motor control and other control fields.

If specific parts of the project may be released as open-source as they are not critical parts of the customer application, then we typically ask that some parts could be released on the ERIKA Enterprise website. This at the end helps the community who developed the project, and gives more visibility to the people doing the work.

If interested in technical support, Please send a mail to, with at least the following information:

  • Company, Name, Location, e-mail, telephone and fax contacts.
  • Version of the following tools: Erika Enterprise, RT-Druid
  • Specific vendor tool versions (cross compiler, IDE, ...)