DAQ: a ROOT based Data AcQuisition platform for debugging embedded devices

This demo shows use of ROOT framework for serializing captured 2D images and accessing them off-line from the ROOT file repository.


Latest update:

  • DAQ package v1.0.1 released
  • DAQ package v1.0 released
  • Added CERN ROOT Discussion Forum link


In Embedded Systems the validation of software solutions is quite difficult with respect to high-end devices for the lack of ordinary debugging tools like display, file system, etc. The communication towards a PC permits to debug the software code making use of tools available in high-end devices only (awk, grep, find, etc.) Moreover it is quite beneficial to implement data serialization in order to assess the performances of the embedded system firmware (implementing some kind of logic) with respect to full-fledged algorithms available in high end devices only.


We propose this framework including serialization and post-processing virtues coming from the ROOT framework developed at CERN with standardization and extendibility feautures coming from the xml language. We propose an example to test the performances of a full-customed firmware for onboard image processing .

The demo provides following functionalities:

  • Capture 2 dimensional images with a resolution of 160 * 120.
  • Serialize the images on disk making use of the ROOT framework.
  • Access the images off-line from the ROOT file repository.

A user can try DAQ without hardware equipments. There are two examples that emulate the "stream" from the embedded system with a POSIX-like socket. It is possible to parse the files generated by Zig-Bee compliant CC2420SK sniffer and also post-process beacon time-stamps to get beacon coerency histogram.


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The DAQ system works with any hardware which supports a serial I/O connection.
The demo presented in this application note works with the following hardware equipment:


  • Erika Enterprise Basic 1.4.3
  • ROOT system framework
  • FLTK toolkit
  • Xerces XML parser in C++



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