HV7131GP camera setup for image capturing using FLEX and ERIKA Enterprise Basic

This demo shows the implementation of a simple application for setting up a Hv7131GP to capture images. This setup consists of FLEX boards with a HV7131GP camera + breakout board and a serial to TTL converter.




The HV7131GP breakout board is connected to the FLEX Thru Hole, mounted on FLEX Base board (refer the "Documents" subdirectory of the demo for schematics of pin connections).

The PC-side program has been developed using FLTK libraries and Fluid, and it can be run under Cygwin. A simple handshaking serial protocol has also been developed for the PC to communicate with with Microcontroller/Camera; allowing to start and setup the Camera.

The PC is connected to the FLEX by a RS232(COM) port. In our case by a USB/RS232 cable converter. The FLEX board uses its UART1 to communicate with the PC.

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  • Erika Enterprise Basic 1.4.3


  • HV7131GP Camera demo


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