ERIKA Enterprise v3.x License

The licensing scheme for ERIKA Enterprise v3 is published at this link.


ERIKA Enterprise v2.x License

ERIKA Enterprise v2 is distributed under the license "GPL + Linking Exception". 

Briefly, the License allow the following:

  • ERIKA Enterprise v2 is open source and royalty free;
  • ERIKA Enterprise v2 is provided without warranty;
  • ERIKA Enterprise v2 can be used in commercial (closed) applications;
  • A project using ERIKA Enterprise v2is not obliget to release application source code;
  • A project using ERIKA Enterprise v2 should provide the source code of ERIKA Enterprise v2 to the users. A link to is sufficient. Upon request, you will have to provide the source code of the kernel.
  • Modification to ERIKA Enterprise v2 should be published under the GPL+Linking exception license (that is, modifications to the kernel must be released);

Please also note the following:

  • some of the files present in the repository contains register definition provided by compilers and silicon vendors which are distributed under specific licenses listed in the respective files;
  • the repository contains group of files under the "contrib" directory which are ports of already existing projects (as an example, the Scilab/Scicos source code under "contrib/scilab"). In this case, separate licenses may apply

RT-Druid v2 License

RT-Druid v2 is distributed under the Eclipse EPL License.

Older versions

Older versions of RT-Druid were distributed under a demo license still browsable here.