MEMOS 2 Robot

A low-cost Cartesian Robot for Neurorehabilitation (MEMOS 2)

A low-cost 2-DOF Cartesian Robot for Neurorehabilitation was developed by:


The patient has to reach the given targets on the screen by moving the robot handle. If the patient is unable to do the move the handle, the Robot helps the patient by moving his/her arm to reach the target on the screen.



The Robot hardware hosts-

  • a Microchip dsPIC microcontroller derived from Evidence FLEX Boards
  • two DC motors
  • encoders
  • a load cell with strain gauges



Demo video

This MEMOS 2 video (in Italian language) is a snippet of a larger video available in DVD at the
IFCA (Istituto fiorentino di cura ed Assistenza)
casa di cura Ulivella e Glicini
Riabilitazione Robotizzata Memos 2
The Robot seen in this video belongs to Giomi Group