RT-Druid Demo License (obsolete)


This is the OLD RT-Druid License, used up to RT-Druid 1.5.x, still here for completeness.

The receiving party declares they accept the following use conditions of the "demo version" of the software called "RT-Druid Demo Version" (hereinafter called Software). "Demo version" means a non marketable version of the software which shows its practical aspects and purposes for guidance.

1. Right of Access and Use of the Demo

1.1. The receiving party is entitled to download and use the demo version placed at their disposal by the creating Company under the terms and conditions set forth.
1.2. The use of the demo version of the software is the scope of the right of access and use in order to have a clear picture of its practical aspects.
1.3. The demo has the purpose of informing the receiving party about the practical aspects of the original software; the receiving party is required to read the technical specifications in Annex A.
1.4. Any use by the receiving party not in pursuance of the present provisions shall involve an infringement of the international laws that protect the copyright.

2. Duration of the Right to use the Demo

2.1. Viewing the demo version does not grant any right of the receiving party on the source software.
2.2. All techniques, algorithms and procedures, if included in the demo version and its relevant literature, represent a confidential information of exclusive property of the Company and shall not be used for purposes different from the ones herein.
2.3. The receiving party is expressly not allowed to copy the demo version, totally or partially, either in printing or in a form legible by the computer.
2.4. The demo version remains of exclusive property of the Company.
2.5. The receiving party is not allowed to transfer or give it in sub-licence to third parties or let third parties use it either free of charge or against payment.

3. Gratuitousness

3.1. The demo version can be downloaded free of charge, with no expense charged to the receiving party.

4. Guarantee

4.1. No operation guarantee is scheduled for the demo version.
4.2. Its installation is at total expense of the receiving party.
4.3. In consideration of the purpose of this version, the enjoyment of the demo is subjected to the correct operation and use - both of the processor and the system software - by the receiving party.
4.4. The receiving party is required to arrange at their expense a system and a telephonic line which guarantee the on-line access to the demo version.
4.5. The Company does not take any responsibility for delays and mismanagements of the demo version due to force majeure or circumstances beyond one's control or due to a fact attributable to the Customer or third parties.
4.6. The Company shall not be held responsible for direct or indirect damages however suffered by the receiving party or third parties following to the use or non use of the demo version.

5. Messages

5.1. Any message relevant to this declaration shall be sent from one party to the other by e-mail.

6. Right to suspend the Access to the Demo Version

6.1. The infringement of any one of the points of this declaration shall imply the automatic interruption of the access service to the demo version.
6.2. The receiving party has no right to claim a right of access. The receiving party shall release from now the Company from any claim of direct or indirect damages arising from the interruption of the access to the demo version; since this is of non marketable nature, it cannot be used by the receiving party for other purposes than the cognitive ones.

7. Enforceable Law

7.1. The receiving party acknowledges and agrees that this declaration is regulated by the Italian law.
7.2. The invalidity of one article or one part of this licence does not automatically imply the invalidity of the remaining parts.

8 Obligations of Confidentiality

8.1 The parties undertake to handle with confidentiality the data and information received and not to disclose them to unauthorized persons or use them with a different purpose from the ones agreed upon.
8.2 The Company has however the right to send the above mentioned data or information to persons entrusted by themselves to carry out the services connected with the scope of this licence: these data and information shall be only spread within the purposes of the service rendered, against underwriting of a confidentiality commitment by the aforementioned individuals.
8.3 The obligations relevant to this article do not include the information about which one of the parties can prove that:
- he knew this already before the acquisition of the information itself before signing this licence;
- the information was already common knowledge at the time of acceptance of this licence.

9 Privacy Protection

9.1 The Customer expressly declares they have received the informative report provided for by art. 13 of the Legislative Decree 196 of 2003 (Personal data security code), thus acknowledging the purposes and procedures for processing all data communicated to the Company through this agreement.

10 Enforceable Law

10.1 This licence is regulated by the Italian law.
10.2 For all that has not been expressly provided for, the regulations in force are of account for the relationships and the details of this licence, with a special reference to the Law nr. 633 of 1941 and following amendments, except for derogations mentioned in this licence.