Soft Line Sensor imaging application using FLEX, Erika Enterprise and HV7131GP camera

This demo shows the use of line sensor based imaging in energy and bandwidth constrained devices.

This setup consists of FLEX boards with a HV7131GP camera + breakout board and a serial to TTL converter.



The HV7131GP breakout board is connected to the FLEX Thru Hole, mounted on FLEX Base board (refer HV7131GP Camera Demo application note for camera setup and schematics of pin connections).

The PC-side program has been developed using FLTK libraries and Fluid, and it can be run under Cygwin. A simple handshaking serial protocol has also been developed for the PC to communicate with with Microcontroller/Camera; allowing to start and setup the Camera.

The PC is connected to the FLEX by a RS232(COM) port. In our case by a USB/RS232 cable converter. The FLEX board uses its UART1 to communicate with the PC.


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Line sensor imaging makes use of one dimensional images to reduce the processing and complexity and network bandwidth. This software enabled line sensor makes use of a two dimensional camera to obtain a one dimensional image. This one dimensional line sensor based application is used to capture moving objects. The camera projection must be adjusted to align orthogonally to the direction of the object. Stationary objects would appear as background which would eventually get eliminated in the processed line image.

The demo provides following functionalities:

  • Capture 2 dimensional images with a resolution of 160 * 120.
  • Capture 1 dimensional image with 640 pixels per line.
  • The 1 dimensional images can be processed either on PC or on FLEX board.
  • Some of the image processing features supported both on PC and FLEX board are:
  • Calculate the screen background.
  • Update the line image to show only the foreground images.
  • Connected labeling and edge extraction.
  • Object detection.

The user can choose to run the image processing algorithms at the run time using the demo tool either on PC or on FLEX board. This line sensor based image processing help to reduce computational complexity, memory storage, network bandwidth, delay and increase sampling rate.






  • Erika Enterprise Basic 1.4.3


  • Soft line sensor imaging demo


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