E4Coder Code Generator

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E4Coder is a set of tools that can be used to simulate control algorithms and to generate code for embedded microcontrollers running with ERIKA Enterprise.



The idea driving the development of E4Coder was the need for a lightweight set of tools, supporting ERIKA Enterprise (as well as non-RTOS environments) for code generation on small microcontrollers.
E4Coder is packaged as a set of Toolboxes for ScicosLab, a free and open software for simulation of software and system models. In particular, E4Coder includes:
  • E4Coder Code Generator, an efficient embedded code generator for microcontrollers and for general puropose systems;
  • SMCube, a finite state machine modeler and code generator, with support for parallel states and junction points;
  • E4Coder GUI, a prototyping tool for generating Graphical User Interfaces.
E4Coder is able to directly generate a multi-task / mult-rate application for ERIKA Enterprise. In particular:
  • E4Coder generates the body of the tasks, including their periodic activations using Alarms;
  • The tasks body are composed by a set of subsystems step functions.
  • The peripherals supported are directly linked to the ERIIKA Enterprise drivers for the FLEX boards and for other boards.
For more information, do not hesitate to visit the E4Coder website.