Training Course on ScicosLab - Oct 2010

Training course: Simulation and automatic code generation for real time embedded systems using
ScicosLab and Erika/Linux


2010-10-21 : Course material online!
2010-10-18 : Location updated (notes on the rooms are now available).
2010-10-13 : Program updated. this should be the final one. (Main changes on the third day). More than 70 people subscribed!
2010-10-12 : added red note about the course spoken language
2010-08-25 : Course page launched
2010-08-28 : Registration page online
2010-09-08 : Program online



Although the course material is in English, the spoken language will be ITALIAN.
(This was already written below, but better make it evident to avoid bad surprises...)


Simone Mannori - ScicosLab developer (,
Paolo Gai - Evidence S.r.l.(
Matteo Morelli - RTSS developer (Robotics Group at Centro "E. Piaggio", University of Pisa.
Roberto Bucher - SUPSI Lugano (
Daniele Mazzi - University of Siena

Florence University - Plesso didattico, Viale Morgagni 40, Firenze, ITALY

Time and rooms
3 days (3 day course)
19/20/21 October 2010
Morning   :    9:00 - 13:00
Afternoon :  14:00 - 17:00


Tue 19: Aula 120
Wed 20: Aula 120
Thu 21: Aula 119

All are at the first floor


Course program
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Course material and photos

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Registration is free of charge but mandatory

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- Italian as default spoken languages, English and French on request; books and documents in English.

Target audience
- Students, engineers and scientists working with complex simulations and control systems.

- A personal computer  (Linux/ Windows/ Mac OSx)
- A clean USB key for file exchange
- Internet access is not required but could be useful

Note for Windows users: some exercises require the presence of a C compiler. Under Linux "gcc" is installed as default (check with "gcc -v"). Windows users must install Visual C/C++ Studio Express 2008 (this version is freely dowladable from Microsoft's web site).

- The new Yellow Book:

Modeling and Simulation in Scilab/ Scicos With Scicoslab 4.4,
Stephen L. Campbell, Jean-Philippe Chancelier, et Ramine Nikoukhah

- On line documentation available here:

This three days course is a general purpose introduction to the art of dynamical systems simulation and automatic code generation for real time embedded systems using ScicosLab/Scicos. We will make references and comparisons with Matlab/Simulink, Kepler and Ptolemy. The course is focused on ScicosLab/Scicos, ERIKA and Scicos-FLEX.