Control System Design and Analysis Training with ScicosLab-FLEX!

Training course: Control System Design and Analysis Training with Open Source Software


Chin Luh Tan - TrityTech (

Location and date

23rd November, 2010

Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Course material and photos

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Course program


Modeling of linear time invariant (LTI) dynamic systems

Modeling of  LTI systems using Scilab - Defining a state-space model using Scilab - Defining transfer function using Scilab - How to switch between the model types - How to draw a block diagram in Scicos

Analysis of dynamic systems

Poles and zeros of dynamic systems - Stability of dynamic systems - Effect of poles and zeros on the performance of dynamic systems - Root locus and frequency response - Using the LTI viewer to analyze dynamic systems

Controller design of dynamic systems

Investigate linear time-invariant (LTI) Objects - Build and manipulate LTI models of dynamical systems - Perform time and frequency domain analysis of LTI models - Introduce tools for designing feedback controllers

Design Case Study (Demonstration)

Modeling of a DC Motor - Design of Controller - Implementing Controller in Embedded Real-time System (Hardware Hands-on Demo using DC Motor with Microcontroller)