Scicos-FLEX code generator


Scicos-FLEX Code Generator

Scicos-FLEX allows the development of a single-click digital control automatic code generation tool supporting ERIKA Enterprise targets, based on ScicosLab.
The code generator of scicos-FLEX is a direct derivation from the Linux/RTAI Code Generator for Scicoslab.

Scicos-Flex design flow



As depicted in the figure above, the process of code generation is as follows-

  • Design of a control system in Scicos.
  • Simulation and tuning of the control system in Scicos.
  • Single-click code generation for ERIKA Enterprise
  • Automatic flashing of the FLEX board.
  • Integration in the Scicos HIL support using the FLEX USB/wireless connection.

The Scicos-FLEX project currently contains:

  • Code generator for ERIKA Enterprise.
  • Finite State Machine Simulation using SMCube.
  • Over 100 Scicos blocks ready for code generation!
  • Automatic generation and compilation of the Scicos generated application.
  • Manual flashing of the generated application on the dsPIC device on the FLEX board.
  • Working examples using the FLEX board.
  • Tutorial for the creation of a sample application included in the documentation.
  • Hardware in the loop working.

Additional documentation

This work has been done in collaboration with:

Download latest version:

ScicosLab Pack 11.1 - for ScicosLab 4.4.1

ScicosLab Pack 11.1 is now distributed in two versions:

Simplified installation procedure (please note the fact that Windows 64 bit needs a few patches highligted in the wiki page)

The following information is common to the two distributions:



This version of the ScicosLab-Pack for Erika includes:

and some improvements:

  • New palettes: SMCube and Miscellaneous.
  • New Blockset for the FLEX DEMO board.
  • A more performant installer.
  • New documentation of the blocks, available in the ScicosLab Help.
  • New Scicos CodeGen menu to save user preferences.
  • New communication blocks for Flex and Easylab (RS232, UDP, CAN, USB, ...).
  • Added DLL to enable diagram simulation with the ScicosLab-Pack blocks, try the tutorial!
  • Other improvements: blocks images loaded in the palette tree, Flex encoder blocks updated, ...

Changelog between version 11 and 11.1:

  • Fixed compilation problem on a limited number of blocks
  • More controls on the installer
  • Fixed library creation in SMCube