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ERIKA Enterprise supports an integration with iSYSTEM winIDEA. This Category is collecting all pages including iSYSTEM winIDEA support information.

Short description of iSYSTEM

iSYSTEM is a privately held company headquartered in Germany, close to Munich with an R&D and Production center close to Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since its foundation in 1986, iSYSTEM is an independent manufacturer and provider of embedded software debugging, analysis and test tools. iSYSTEM' s Software and Blue Box Technology stand for fast and easy single and multi-core processor hardware access via any kind of debug interface. No matter whether one is developing, debugging or testing embedded software on a real hardware, iSYSTEM' s solutions work for you. The flexible integration and application of iSYSTEM solutions within the entire development process is enabled by open and public interfaces (APIs) that also allow engineers to automate timing analysis and testing. iSYSTEM maintains long standing and close relationships with all major semiconductor, operating system and compiler companies worldwide. This guarantees quick tool availability and the highest level of integration.

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