Lauterbach TRACE32 Support for Leopard MPC5643L

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The reference debugging solution for MPC5643L is Lauterbach. In the Erika tree (look at pkg/mcu/freescale_mpc5643l/cfg) is collected a set of Lauterbach sripts for single and multicore configurations. Such a scripts also provide support for execution from SRAM and Flash, in VLE and BookE mode. MPC5643L provides the capability to work in lock-step mode, for this reason a script to pass from/to DPM/lock-step mode is provide (set_lsm_dpm.cmm). To launch this script, user have to launch Lauterbach Tracer first (for instance by editing "t32mppc" in Linux prompt, or equivalent command under Window), and then editing "do set_lsm_dpm.cmm" in the Lauterbach command prompt. This script provides several functionalities, but the only functionality addressed by this manual is the one to switch from/to lock-step/DPM mode. Once the user launches this script the following window appears:

Set lock step.png

Red box shows two buttons to select lock-step or DPM mode. For instance, in this case we have a system set as DPM, if we would like to switch to LSM mode, we have to press the LSM button, and then press "PROGRAM". After this action, a confirmation window will be shown, press "YES" to confirm:

Lock step ok button.png

If the programming task is successfully accomplished, the following window will be shown. Press "OK" to terminate the script.

Lock step ok message.png

IMPORTANT NOTE: in order to make the switch-mode effective, a power-cycle has to be done. Therefore power your board off, and then power it on.

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