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(Renesas RX200 Series support)

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Renesas RX200 Series support

ERIKA Enterprise supports Renesas RX200 series microcontrollers, in particular the RX210 and RX130 Groups. The support for RT-Druid is now available.

Due to customer restrictions, the RX130 porting is not yet public. If you want to get more information about the RX130 porting, please contact

The Renesas RX200 support includes:

  1. support for C/C++ Compiler Package for RX Family;
  2. support for single and multi stack configurations;
  3. ISR Type 1 and Type 2 supported;
  4. support for Renesas E1 debugger/emulator;
  • Mode of operation:
    • Mono-stack: The Monostack configuration of the ERIKA Kernel models the fact that all tasks and ISRs in the system share the same stack.
    • Multi-stack HAL: Every task can have its private stack, or it can share it with other tasks.


  • The MCU currently supported is the following:
    • R5F52108xxxx
    • R5F51308xxxx


Download and install

RT-Druid and Erika Enterprise RTOS (version 1.6.1) can be freely downloaded from the following web address:

Once downloaded, extract all the files contained in it and copy the folder named eclipse in your preferred directory on your PC (a recommended path is: C:\\Evidence\\). Now, launch the program by double-clicking on the executable eclipse.exeinside the C:\Evidence\eclipse folder and choose the path of your workspace. The workspace is the default working directory in which the projects will be created.

If you want to download only a selected revision of the kernel, open the Cygwin shell and get an anonymous SVN checkout typing this command:

 svn co svn:// -r number_of_revision

Note: Cygwin can be downloaded from this web site: To use SVN, the Cygwin SVN package must to be installed using the Cygwin Setup utility.

The Renesas RX200 plug-in for Eclipse is part of the official distribution of RT-Druid.

Target Configuration and Programming

ERIKA is configured through RT-Druid and an OIL file

Compiler Path

It is possible to choose the path of the compiler in three different ways:

  • environment var:
    • CCRX compiler: the CCRX_ROOT variable is able to override the path compiler set in RT-Druid during the build progress.
  • configuration file:
  • gui:
    • inside eclipse preferences, it is possible to set the paths of above compilers.


CPU_DATA must be set to RX200.
The exact model is specified with the MODEL item (supported values are M0 for Cortex M0 and M4 for Cortex M4).
The compiler is specificed with the COMPILER_TYPE item (currently the only supported value is CCRX<code>).
Example of a CPU_DATA section:

CPU_DATA = RX200 {

  APP_SRC = "code.c";
      IRQ_STACK = TRUE {



<code>MCU_DATA must be set to RENESAS
The only item supported is MODEL. The model currently supported is the RF5210x
Example of a MCU_DATA section:

   MODEL = R5F5210x;

Interrupt Handling

Renesas MCU R5F5210x is configured to have a flexible Interrupt Vector Table specified in
Each entry is specified by the following macro:


Where <ARCH> is the architecture depended identifier (E.g. RX200), and <ENTRY> is the fixed Interrupt Vector Table Entry identifier (E.g. CMIA0).

To define each ISR an ISR object is needed to be added in the CPU object of the OSEK/VDX configuration:

   ENTRY = "<ENTRY>";

Where <ISR_TYPE> is the type of the ISR (1 or 2), <SYMBOL> is the symbol that must be the parameter of ISR<ISR_TYPE>() ISR signature, and <ENTRY> is the variable Interrupt Vector Table Entry identifier.


OIL file configuration

To enable system tick routines, the following code is needed in the OS object of the OSEK/VDX configuration:


To enable board support library with Renesas RX210 starter kit, the following code is needed in the OS object of the OSEK/VDX configuration:

EE_OPT = "__RSKRX210__";

To use the board's leds add:


To use the board's buttons add:


To use the Operating Frequency Setup routine add:


If you want to add an external library, such as the Renesas RPDL library, and need to tell the linker to allocate the code Section "L" into the loadable module, the following code is needed in the OS object of the OSEK/VDX configuration:



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