Tutorial: ScicosLab and SMCube. Simulate the DigitalClock example.

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If you want to quickly try SMCube in simulation mode, you can do as follows, using the Digital Clock example. To do that, follow these steps:

  • open Scicoslab
  • give the command
     cd "C:\Evidence\scicoslab-4.4.1\contrib\scicos_ee\examples\scicos_flex\SMCube\DigitalClock" 
    (please put the correct directory)
  • then the command
  • open DigitalClock.cos
  • open the superblock
  • double click on the block names "SMCube mode_selector.xml"
  • choose "Properties", and set "Mode" to 1 (to say interactive simulation), press ok
  • close the superblock window
  • Menu Simulate, Run
  • two windows will appear: the Demo board simulator and the SMCube simulation window.
  • Press the play button on the SMCube simulation window to start the SMCube simulation
  • Then, press the first button on the left of the simulated Demo board. The selector state machine which is graphically simulated will change its status.
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