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Erika Source code ERIKA Educational 1.3

The current version of E.R.I.K.A. integrates:

  • Libraries:
    • Cyclical Asynchronous Buffers (CABs)
    • Blocking semaphores
    • Alarms
    • C++ support library (no exceptions, no rtti)
  • Kernels:
    • Fixed Priority with Preemption Thresholds
  • Hardware Abstraction Layers:
    • Hitachi H8 - Lego Mindstorm RCX (mono and multi stack)
      • support motor output in fixed mode and with a PWM at 1KHz :-)
      • support for common sensors (touch, rotation, light)
      • fixed point mathematics
      • infrared sensors (single and multi-bytes transfers)
      • serial I/O (experimental)
      • Gcc3 preliminary support
    • Wireless Ring-based communications
    • Matlab support

Old versions:

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firmdl3 To upload an Erika Educational application on a Lego RCX we used the firmdl3 program distributed under the Mozilla Public License by Kekoa Proudfoot.
Kekoa's firmdl3 home This is the original Kekoa Proudfoot's web page. Look here for updates to the firmdl3 software.
send.c This small utility can be used to send single numbers to the vehicles in erika/tests/h8/newvehicle/*
sendbuf.c This small utility can be used to send a string of numbers to the ERIKA Applications.
rcv.c This utility is a modified version of send.c written by Michele Cirinei that READS from the IR tower and prints on the console all the received bytes (in hex format). With a little trick, (a byte is written and read just after that) the tower stays on without going off after 1 sec as usual. We actually do not know if that may cause other problems to the tower.

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Documentation The E.R.I.K.A. User Manual 1.3.
old versions...

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Other Documentation

Wireless Ring documentation
Matlab Support

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Master Thesis on ERIKA

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Papers and Technical Reports

2002 Design Methodologies and Tools for Real-Time Embedded Systems
Special Issue of Design Automation for Embedded Systems, 2002.
Not yet available.
2001 Minimizing Memory Utilization of Real-Time Task Sets in Single and Multi-Processor Systems-on-a-chip
Proceedings of the 22th Real-Time Systems Symposium, December 2001, London, UK.
December 2001
London, UK.
Download/Bibtex references
2001 RETIS TR2001-04
Stack size minimization for embedded systems-on-a-chip
September 10, 2001
Download/Bibtex references
2001 RETIS TR2001-3
Survey on Multiprocessor Real-Time Scheduling
April 5, 2001
Download/Bibtex references
2001 RETIS TR2001-02
A Flexible and Configurable Real-Time Kernel for Time Predictability and Minimal Ram Requirements
March 2001
Download/Bibtex references
2000 Architecture for a Portable Open Source Real-Time Kernel Environment
The Second Real-Time Linux Workshop and Hand's on Real-Time Linux Tutorial
November 27-30
Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA.
Download/Bibtex references

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Download Directory and CVS source

To go to the download directory, click here.

To browse the Erika Educational source code, click here.

To browse the Erika Educational manual source code, click here.

To browse the Erika Wireless Ring stuff click here.

To check out an ERIKA Educational snapshot from the CVS repository type the following command on your linux console:

cvs -d checkout -P erika