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ARM7TDMI support

ERIKA Enterprise supports ARM7TDMI machines since 2002. The support for RT-Druid has been made public only in 2009 on release 1.5.0.

The ARM7TDMI support includes:

  • support for GCC and ADS compilers (earlier version have run also on Diab DCC)
  • support for interworking between ARM and THUMB mode
  • support for single and multi stack configurations
  • support for Lauterbach Trace32 (automatic generation of scripts and ORTI files)
  • FIQ and ISR interrupt supported


The MCUs supported are currently the following:

  • Samsung ks32c50100 (an ARM7 @ 50Mhz, with a simple interrupt controller)
  • ST sta2051 Vespucci (including the code to handle the interrupt controller; support to this architecture thanks to Cobra AT)
  • UNIBO MPARM (a cycle-accurate simulator of ARM7TDMI; support to this architecture thanks to the PREDATOR FP7 Project)

In the past, ERIKA supported also the following architectures (which are not supported by RT-Druid)

  • Triscend A7 (an ARM7TDMI plus FPGA. triscend has been acquired by Xilinx a few years ago)
  • ST Janus (a dual core on a single chip for automotive. The interrupt controller was similar to the ST sta2051 Vespucci. The porting was done in collaboration with Magneti Marelli


The boards supported are:

  • ARM Evaluator7T - a low cost ARM evaluation board hosting Samsung ks32c50100
  • Triscend A7 (see above)
  • UNIBO MPARM (see above)

Available examples

There are a few examples available for ARM and Evaluator7T available on the SVN, but they have not been inserted into the 1.5.0 examples because the board is no more in production :-(

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