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ARM Cortex MX support

ERIKA Enterprise supports Cortex M0 microcontrollers. The support for RT-Druid is now available.
The Cortex M0 support includes:

  1. support for IAR compiler;
  2. support for single and multi stack configurations;
  3. ISR interrupt supported;
  4. support for IAR J-Link Debugger.
  • Supported compiler:
    • IAR Embedded Workbench compiler and debugger tool suite.
  • Mode of operation:
    • Mono-stack: The Monostack configuration of the ERIKA Kernel models the fact that all tasks and ISRs in the system share the same stack.
    • Multistack HAL: Every thread can have its private stack, or it can share it with other threads.


  • The MCUs currently supported are the following:
    • NXP LPC12xx.


  • The software libraries currently supported are:
  • Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) Version 2.1.


  • The boards currently supported are the following:
    • NXP LPCXpresso demo board.
  • List of functions:
    • Currently the board is supported through the CMSIS library.


  • The examples and tests are available in the new release (see below...).

Choosing compiler

It is possible to choose the path of the compiler in three different ways:

  • environment var: the IAR_CCDIR variable is able to override the path compiler set in RT-Druid during the build progress.
  • configuration file: command line versions of RT-Druid accept a configuration file, usually located at eclipse/configuration/common_oil.pref. This file is in the java properties format (i.e. each line is composed by keyword=value). The keyword preference_cortex_m0__path_for_cc_compiler can be used to set the compiler path for cortex M0.
  • gui: inside eclipse preferences, it is possible to set the path of cortex m0 complier

Download and install

  • The Cortex M0 plug-in for Eclipse is part of the official distribution of RT-Druid.

The procedure to install (or update) Erika and RT-Druid plugins is described at Tutorial: Update ERIKA and RT-Druid.

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