A quick tutorial on how to create, compile and debug an application for Freescale S12XS

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How to build a project in RT-DRUID

This page contains a description of how to install the necessary software to develop an Erika application for a Freescale HCS12 microcontroller.

RT-Druid/Erika, version 1.5.1:

RT-Druid/Erika, version 1.6.0:

  • Erika Enterprise 1.6.0 can be freely downloaded from EE_160_Win.zip here.
  • Extract all the files contained in the zip and copy the folder named “eclipse” in your preferred directory on your PC (a recommended path is: C:\Evidence\).
  • To update the software just clicking on the “Help” menu item and selecting “Install New Software”. Then click on “ADD” to add the night builds address for update: "http://download.tuxfamily.org/erika/webdownload/rtdruid_160_nb/"
  1. In RT-Druid environment, create a new RT-Druid project as shown in the following picture.
  2. Select a template from the s12xs menu.
  3. Give a name to your project.
    • The new project folder appears in the Project Explorer;
  4. Enter the compiler path in RT-Druid. In the menu at the top, under Windows - Preferences - RT-Druid - Oil - Freescale S12, enter the path where you installed the compiler. Then build the project (right-click on the project name, as shown in the picture below).
    • the compilation starts;
    • the executable file appear in the Debug folder inside the project.
  5. Open the RT-debugger.
  6. From the menu File choose Open Configuration...;
    • and load the debugger environment configuration:
    • Full_Chip_Simulation.ini: for a simple simulation running on the PC
    • SofTec_HCS12.ini to flash the board. To select the board click on the menu “Component” and select “Set Connection”.
  7. From the menu HCS12XS click on Load....
    • and load the executable of your application;
    Load exe.PNG
  8. Then starts the simulation and enjoy!!!.
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