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CAL is a dataflow and actor-oriented language that has been initially specified and developed as a subproject of the Ptolemy project at the University of California at Berkeley. The initial CAL language specification was released in December 2003. CAL describes algorithms using a set of encapsulated dataflow components called "actors" communicating with each other. For more information about CAL language and actors check the following pages:

  • The ACTORS website which is a source for the CAL language
  • OpenDF which is an environment for building and executing actor/dataflow models, including support for the CAL actor language. In the OpenDF project can be found the ACTORS tools for converting CAL files into C files which are used throughout Tutorial: Compiling a CAL application with ERIKA Enterprise that explains how to compile a CAL application with Erika Enterprise.
  • CALtrop, part of the PTolemy Project, source for the CAL Language and for some CAL actors examples
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