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Easylab board is cheap easy to use prototyping board that let you develop with Microchip Microstick dsPIC33F and PIC24H Development Board. The board give you two connectors to access to all Microcontroller I/O pins, a bounch of leds to visually test Digital I/O, a buzzer to play with and an USB port to interact with the microcontroller, through serial over USB protocol. Power supply and serial communication come both through the same USB cable.

Easylab MPLAB IDE Library

Exist a free to download Easylab Software Packet for the board that contains the source files for a simple library (easylab.h, easylab.c) to access all easylab goodies and a complete example that show how to use these API (main.c). The library rely on dsPIC33F Microchip support library, so you need to install a Microchip C30 compiler for dsPIC (we tested with version 3.25).

The library has been coded with dsPIC33FJ64MC802 as only test target, even though Microstick package come with a PIC24FJ64GP too.

The library contains API for:

  • Configure dspic pins in realation with board layout
  • Set/Get actual clock frequency (with internal FRC with PLL)
  • Turn on/off & toggle leds
  • Read/Write DIO pins
  • Configure up to 2 General Purpose Timers
  • Start and stop a buzzer with a given forcing frequency
  • Configure one of 4 ADC channels and sample that synchronously
  • Configure 2 couple of PWM pins in any combination of PWM/override, with given frequency and duty cycle
  • Serial comunication with UART serial over USB

Easylab MPLAB IDE Library Example

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