Easylab board and new dsPIC ERIKA Enterprise Driver API

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During the development of Erika support for easylab some new API have created and other ones have been updated. Follow an overview of these changes, but to be sure that the information of this page are updated double check the code.

Easylab Board API

This chapter describes the API support done in Erika Enterprise for the Evidence Easylab Board.

To configure the usage of the Easylab Board, the user has to specify an appropriate BOARD_DATA in OIL file , as in the following example:


this OIL element enable the inclusion of pkg/board/ee_easylab/inc/ee_board.h as board header.

System LED

The Microstic Guest board has a system LED attached to a GPIO pin of the microcontroller. To use the system LED, the developer should specify the USELEDS attribute as TRUE, as in the following example:



The following paragraphs will describe the functions available to control the easylab System LED.

  • void EE_sys_led_init(void);
    Description: Inizializzazione system LED (the one on microstick). The LED starts turned off.
  • void EE_sys_led_on(void);
    Description: The function turns on the system LED (the one on microstick).
  • void EE_led_sys_off(void);
    Description: The function turns off the system LED (the one on microstick).
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