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The FLEX demo2 pack, also known as FLEX Motion Board Pack is a FLEX Daughter Board with plug-ins, targeted specifically for educational institutions e.g. Schools and Universities. Main usages of the FLEX Motion board is Motion Control. Using plug-in modules, either one of the following configurations are possible:

  • Control of 2 DC Motors plus 2 encoders
  • Control of 2 Servo Motors plus a 4-wire touchscreen

Also, connections using various interfaces (CAN, Ethernet, Serial (RS232, RS485, RS422), 802.15.4/Zigbee, I2C) are possible. The FLEX demo2 Pack consists of:

  • 1 x Servo Motor plug-in
  • 1 x DC Motor plug-in
  • 1 x [FLEX102] FLEX Multibus Ethernet Module
  • 1 x [FLEX103] FLEX Multibus RS232 Module
  • 1 x [FLEX104] FLEX Multibus RS485 Module
  • 1 x [FLEX106] FLEX Multibus CAN Module

Note: The UART slot also supports FLEX105: FLEX Multibus RS422 and FLEX108: FLEX Multibus Serial TTL Module. These are not included in the pack, but can be bought separately. The FLEX Motion Board, shown in pictures below, fits directly on FLEX Full / FLEX Light Base Board and it adds-on a some commonly used features that are used for carrying out prototyping and laboratory experiments.

FLEX Demo2 pack product page


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