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The FPG-EYE is a development board produced by Evidence S.r.l.. The board core is based on Lattice Lattice XP2-17 fpga. This board can be used as a standard fpga development board or as a mico32 soft-core platform.


Hardware FPG-EYE

On FPG-EYE can be found on the following devices:

Fpga LFXP2-17
25Mhz crystal oscillator
sram 512KiB
sdram 32MiB
Serial Flash 4Mib
Leds and switches

And as Optional:

Rs232 Transceiver
Colors CMOS Camera
Ethernet module
RF Transceiver Module

More technical informations you can get on Evidence FPG-EYE page.

Software FPG-EYE

The FPG-EYE board is provided with a programmed demo application inside. The demo application is hosted by a Mico32 platform. Furthermore you can download FPG-EYE software packet. The packet contains:

  • Evidence custom camera component (MSB component with binary netlist).
  • Evidence custom serpar_io component (MSB source component).
  • Binary external flash bootloader.
  • Python bootloader interface script.

Following a brief description of these software components.

Evidence custom camera component

The camera (mico32_camera) is a wishbone component developed by Evidence S.r.l.. Once imported in MSB's Available Components, you can use it in yours platform designs. Mico32 camera comes with an Erika driver with all API you need for your applications. You can find code examples of mico32_camera API use on [downloadable applications]. Otherwise you can write yours personal driver. You find all needed information to do that on Mico32_camera: Writing drivers based on mico32_camera page.

Evidence custom serpar_io component

This is another Evidence S.r.l. custom component. Like other custom component, before use the serpar_io in yours platform, you have to imported in MSB's. It is, essentially, a parallel serial converter. The processor writes a datum on serpar_io component out register, that serialize it out to a 74hc595 (serial to parallel shift register) device. Similarly, serpar_io can get a serialized datum from 74hc165 (parallel to serial shift register) and put it on his in register, so the cpu can read it. The serial to parallel shift register enable/disable boards peripherals power supply and leds. On other hands the parallel to serial shift register reads switches states. You can find serpar_io code examples [downloadable applications].

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