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The FPG-EYE is a development board produced by Evidence S.r.l.. The board core is based on Lattice Lattice XP2-17 fpga. This board can be used as a standard fpga development board or as a mico32 soft-core platform.


Hardware FPG-EYE

FPG-EYE is equipped with following devices:

Fpga LFXP2-17
25Mhz crystal oscillator
sram 512KiB
sdram 32MiB
Serial Flash 4Mib
Leds and switches

and external standard modules:

Rs232 Transceiver
Ethernet module

In addition exist following external optional modules:

Colors CMOS Camera
RF Transceiver Module

More technical informations you can get on Evidence FPG-EYE page.

Software FPG-EYE

The FPG-EYE board is provided with a programmed demo application inside. The demo application is hosted by a Mico32 platform. Furthermore you can download FPG-EYE software packet. The packet contains:

  • Evidence custom mico32_camera component (MSB component with binary netlist).
  • Evidence custom serpar_io component (MSB source component).
  • Binary external flash bootloader.
  • Python bootloader interface script.
  • Mico32 standard Async SRAM Controller and SPI Flash Controller components patched.

Following a brief description of these software components.

Evidence custom camera component

The mico32_camera is a wishbone component developed by Evidence S.r.l.. Once imported in MSB's Available Components, you can use it in your platform designs. Mico32_camera comes with an Erika driver with all you need for your applications. Camera API You can find code examples of mico32_camera API use on [downloadable applications]. Otherwise you can write yours personal driver. You find all needed information to do that on Mico32_camera: Writing drivers based on mico32_camera page.

Evidence custom serpar_io component

This is another Evidence S.r.l. custom component. Like other custom component, before use the serpar_io in yours platform, you have to imported in MSB's. It is, essentially, a parallel serial converter. The processor writes a datum on serpar_io component out register, that serialize it out to a 74hc595 (serial to parallel shift register) device. Similarly, serpar_io can get a serialized datum from 74hc165 (parallel to serial shift register) and put it on his in register, so the cpu can read it. The serial to parallel shift register enable/disable boards peripherals power supply and leds. On other hands the parallel to serial shift register reads switches states. You can find serpar_io code examples [downloadable applications]. In Example code for serialpar_io you can find a simple use of this component.

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