Installation of Mico32/FPG-EYE development environment

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This tutorial describes a set of steps needed to compile and deploy a platform on FPG-EYE board.

To achive this goal you need follow softwares from Lattice installed in your environment (follow links for download pages):

To download and use these softwares you need a Lattice registration and a fre license (follow instruction on Lattice web site)

Be careful each version of ispLEVER need a correspondent version of LatticeMico System Development Tools. In regard to ispVM System you need version 18.0 or superior.

All FPG-EYE development has been made with ispLEVER 8.0 and correspondant LatticeMico System Development Tools.

Standard Mico32 components Patches

During FPG-EYE software development we found and correct a few bugs in standard Mico32 components. Especially we found bung in following components:

  • SPI Flash Controller (Component folder: spi_flash. Verilog files: spi_flash_intf.v wb_intf.v)
  • Async SRAM Controller (Componet folder: asram_top. Verilog files: asram_core.v)
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