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(Easylab Board)
(Easylab Board)
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* [[Easylab board: Description & MPLAB IDE Library]]  
* [[Easylab board: Description & MPLAB IDE Library]]  
* [[Easylab board and new PIC30 ERIKS Enterprise Driver API]]
* [[Easylab board and new PIC30 ERIKA Enterprise Driver API]]
* [[Using Easylab board with ScicosLab]]
* [[Using Easylab board with ScicosLab]]

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ERIKA Enterprise and RT-Druid

ERIKA Enterprise and RT-Druid Design Flow

ERIKA internals category

People - a (probably incomplete) list of people who contributed to the project, in alphabetical order


Download and SVN

Supported Devices

This is a list of the architectures supported by ERIKA Enterprise and RT-Druid


Support for Hitachi H8, C167/ST10 has been moved in the "old" session since there has been not much work on them and we cannot guarantee they still compile. If interested in them just write us an e-mail!

Tutorials and Online Documentation

The following links contain links to specific themes, which in the past were separate PDF manuals.


Regression Tests

FLEX Boards

Easylab Board

Related Projects



Matlab/Simulink code generation

CAL Language


Interesting links


This wiki part is dedicated to material about the EICASLab Code Generator for ERIKA Enterprise

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