Programming the FPG-EYE board

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* Programming Cable.
* Programming Cable.
* ispVM System software.
* Software: ispVM System or Diamond Programmer.
== Programming Cable ==
== Programming Cable ==

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JEDEC is a ASCII text files containing programming information that can be used to configure a FPGA device. JEDEC is generated from ispLever or Diamond when a logic circuit is synthesized. It can be downloaded in the Lattice device through the JTAG port . To do this two things are necessary:

  • Programming Cable.
  • Software: ispVM System or Diamond Programmer.

Programming Cable

After completion of the logic design and creation of a programming file with the ispLever software, is necessary a programming cable for programming the devices directly on the PC board. There are a lot of compatible Lattice programming cable. This is very simple and low cost programming cable.

ispVM System

The ispVM software is default installed together ispLever or Diamond software. The default directory is (installation directory Lattice)/Accessories/ispVM System

  • The programming cable must be connected to the FPG-EYE JTAG board connector and PC port (can be Usb, serial or parallel).
Jtag connector
  • Turn on the power of the FPG-EYE board, and launch ispVM software.
Open ispVM software
  • Push Scan button, the software should find the Fpga model. If it don't be sure then the JTAG cable is connected and/or the FPG-EYE is powered.
Scan on ispVM software
  • Aftre click on FileName/IR-Lenght field will show the Chair Configuration window. With Browes button select jed file in local repository.
Select jed file
  • Click on OK button and return on The ispVM main page. Click on GO and start the programming configuration in the FPGA. At end the board is ready for use.
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