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This page describes the procedure to run a regression test on the examples which are shipped as templates together with ERIKA Enterprise.


what is tested

We need to make sure that all tests installed in the RT-Druid plugins:

  • are visible to RT-Druid
  • can be instantiated with the template generator
  • have a working OIL file
  • compile ok
  • the test to compile are taken from the current SVN tree, but the templates are taken from the installed plugins

Note that the makefile described below takes all the information from the current SVN tree.

This means that the list of the tests will be taken from the SVN. The tests really compiled are those installed in the plugins.

how to run the regression test

  • do a checkout from SVN
  • go into ee/trunk/ee/examples
  • run make

The result of the makefile is an help screen with the major commands to run.

The idea is the following:

  • a regression directory is created
  • the directory contains one dir for each template ID
  • the makefile runs with "-j", meaning that you can run multiple compilations in parallel
  • each test has its own report file under regression/testid/output.log
  • if a test finished without errors, it will not be remade, helping to concentrate on tests which fail

Finally, to run a specific template, use

make -j 4 all TEMPLATE_LIST=templatename

To run all templates in an architecture, use

make -j 4 all ARCH=PIC30

special commands

  • list all available templates
make list
  • list all templates not tested during this session
make listmissing
  • list all templates with errors during the current session
make witherrors

integration with Hudson

The regression tests are able to create a Hudson compatible XML for managing automatic builds.


 make xml ARCH=PIC30

This target makes the Hudson XML file for the tests for a specific architecture.

The resulting XML classifies all the examples in the following way:

  • tests for the selected architecture which compiled ok - marked as "ok"
  • tests for the selected architecture which does not compile ok - marked as "not ok"
  • tests for other architectures listed in the makefile - marked as "ignored"
  • other tests present in the repository but not listed in the makefile - marked as "not ok". This last target should make sure that new tests will be integrated in the regression tests as soon as the first regression build will be generated.

Please note that all tests must be listed in the makefile as either to be compiled or to be ignored. A valid test for the regression tests is a test that contains a template.xml file.

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