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(RT Data Exchange Palette)
(FLEX & Daughter boards palettes)
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* [[FLEX-MotionBoard]]
* [[FLEX-MotionBoard]]
* [[FLEX]]
* [[FLEX]]
* [[FLEX-Communication]]
= RT Data Exchange Palette =
= RT Data Exchange Palette =

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Here a basilar description of scicos blocks for FLEX and Easylab boards. Each of these blocks has a more complete description integrated with scicos help feature. To acces to them just right click on a block and select help from contextual menu.

Code generation general purpose palettes

These are the palettes for code generation that do not depend on target board

FLEX & Daughter boards palettes

This is a short description of the palettes available on the Scicos Pack for FLEX and her daughter boards.

RT Data Exchange Palette

Palette with all the blocks to perform communication between a PC simulation and the target boards (Hardware-in-the-loop approach)

Amazing Ball palette

Easylab board palette

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