Tutorial: Running ERIKA on Mico32 and FPG-EYE

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(Create Mico32 Library for 'camera_debug_50' platform)
(Create Mico32 Library for camera_debug_50 platform)
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= Create Mico32 Library for ''camera_debug_50'' platform =
= Create Mico32 Library for ''camera_debug_50'' platform =
After [[Tutorial:_Building_a_Mico32_platform_for_FPG-EYE#Import_platform_project_in_LatticeMico_System_IDE | importing camera_debug_50 platform]] in [http://www.latticesemi.com/products/designsoftware/micodevelopmenttools/index.cfm ''LatticeMico System'']  software, switch to '''C/C++ Perspective''' (as the following figure):
[[File:select_C/C++_from_msb_ide.png|center|thumb|700px| '''C/C++''' perspective button]]

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Thi tutorial goal is compile and program the webserver_camera demo application, the one that flashed on FPG-EYE board whan you get it. Before you can afford this tutorial you need to get a local copy of ERIKA Enterprise repository and to follow the Tutorial: Building a Mico32 platform for FPG-EYE that is a prerequisite for this one.

Create Mico32 Library for camera_debug_50 platform

After importing camera_debug_50 platform in LatticeMico System software, switch to C/C++ Perspective (as the following figure):

File:Select C/C++ from msb ide.png
C/C++ perspective button
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