Tutorial: Running ERIKA on Mico32 and FPG-EYE

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The goal of this tutorial is compile and program the webserver_camera demo application on FPG-EYE bord, the one that is flashed on the board when you get it. Before you can afford this tutorial you need to get a local copy of ERIKA Enterprise repository and to follow the Tutorial: Building a Mico32 platform for FPG-EYE that is a prerequisite for this one. Hereunder all paths listed are relative paths to yours ERIKA Enterprise repository local copy.

Create Mico32 Library for camera_debug_50 platform

After importing camera_debug_50 platform in LatticeMico System software, switch to C/C++ Perspective, open the C/C++ Project View context menu (right click with the mouse), and find New->Mico32 Library Project command (as the following figure):

C/C++ New Mico32 Library Project

On the opened wizard assure to select the right target hardware selecting ee\examples\mico32\demo\platforms\camera_debug_50\msb\soc\camera_debug_50.msb file. To compile the camera_debug_50 demo without any changes on project files you need to select the follow directory as library location ee\trunk\ee\examples\mico32\demo\platforms\camera_debug_50\library

C/C++ Mico32 System Library Project Wizard

and camera_debug_50 as project name:

C/C++ Mico32 System Library Project Wizard (Project name wrote)

Build the brand new project:

Compile the Mico32 library

Create webserver_camera demo project

Create a Mico32 Standard Make C Project in ee\examples\mico32\demo\sw_projects\webserver_camera directory and build it.

New C/C++ Mico32 Standard Make C Project
C/C++ Mico32 Standard Make C Project Wizard
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