Tutorial: Running ERIKA on Mico32 and FPG-EYE

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The goal of this tutorial is compile and program the webserver_camera demo application on FPG-EYE bord, the one that is flashed on the board when you get it. Before you can afford this tutorial you need to install Mico32/FPG-EYE development environment get a local copy of ERIKA Enterprise repository and to follow the Tutorial: Building a Mico32 platform for FPG-EYE that is a prerequisite for this one. Hereunder all paths listed are relative paths to yours ERIKA Enterprise repository local copy.

Create Mico32 Library for camera_debug_50 platform

After importing camera_debug_50 platform in LatticeMico System software, switch to C/C++ Perspective, open the C/C++ Project View context menu (right click with the mouse), and find New->Mico32 Library Project command (as the following figure):

C/C++ New Mico32 Library Project

On opened wizard assure to select the right target hardware selecting ee\examples\mico32\demo\platforms\camera_debug_50\msb\soc\camera_debug_50.msb file. To compile the camera_debug_50 demo without any changes on project files you need to select the follow directory as library location ee\trunk\ee\examples\mico32\demo\platforms\camera_debug_50\library

C/C++ Mico32 System Library Project Wizard

and camera_debug_50 as project name:

C/C++ Mico32 System Library Project Wizard (Project name wrote)

Build the brand new project:

Compile the Mico32 library

Create webserver_camera demo project

Create a Mico32 Standard Make C Project in ee\examples\mico32\demo\sw_projects\webserver_camera directory and build it.

New C/C++ Mico32 Standard Make C Project
C/C++ Mico32 Standard Make C Project Wizard

Program the flash with send_prog.py bootloader script

Before to flash the application with send_prog.py bootloader client script, you need to connect FPG-EYE board with a serial cable too you computer ( you could need a serial-to-usb coverter):

FPG-EYE Board serial connector
FPG-EYE custom serial cable

After connect the board with serial cable get the send_prog.py script from FPG-EYE Software Packet and copy it in a directory in yours cygwin path, start a cygwin shell in webserver_camera project directory output and execute the following command:

send_prog.py --flash /dev/comX out.elf

N.B You have to change the comX value with yor actual com port.

When the script start is not synchronized with the bootloader and you should see something like this on your shell:

Bootloader-script synchronization

To synchronize the script with the bootloader you need to hold Button 1 and hit reset button.

FPG-EYE Buttons

After following message, your application is saved on FPG_EYE external flash, and the bootloader can read and copy it in XP2 ram at the start.

FPG-EYE Application Flash Success
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